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  • $46.99

Pain Relief Belt is a compression belt that helps support lower back muscles so you can move more confidently and comfortably throughout your day.
Designed for everyone from weekend warriors to pro athletes, construction workers, gardeners, and more, Pain Relief Belt offers lightweight, non-restrictive support.
Pain Relief Belt has adjustable straps for perfect, form-fitting sizing and compression support.

The unique contoured design fits discreetly under your clothes so you can enjoy support all day long.

Pain Relief Belt’s high-quality moisture-wicking compression fabric is infused with copper ions, and wraps an interior neoprene support.

The copper-infused moisture-wicking fabric absorbs sweat and odors from an active lifestyle or work environment.

Comfortably fits both women and men.
Gentle wash/air dry.
Fit for waist 28-39 inch